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Providing Quality

Archery and Rifle hunts

for all experience levels

Hunts operated on Private,

BLM, and

State lands

Hunt areas:
Spring turkey hunts area 4
Deer Regions M and R
Antelope areas 114 and 115
Elk areas 45 and 49
   including early and late
   season cow elk hunts
Combination hunting/fishing
   available at times

Owner and Guide

have over 40 years combined experience

Successful Hunt
Successful Hunt
Successful Hunt
Successful Hunt
Successful Hunt
Successful Hunt


Big Fish
Big Fish


Limited number of hunts

available per year.

  Nowood Creek Outfitters has a rustic cabin on one of the hunting

properties a half mile from the outfitter's residence.


  A camper may also be available for additional sleeping quarters.

Meals will be provided unless the client prefers to provide his/her own.

   Another budget friendly option is for the client to make their own reservations at a local motel or RV park.


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